Wedding Information






The service of marriage is a sacred service in The United Methodist Church. The marriage service is one of joy, blessing and commitment. We conduct marriage services for the glory of God and to offer the grace and power of Christ to those who are being married. This policy has been prepared to guide and assist you in planning a meaningful ceremony.

Members will include the following:  A "member" means the bride or groom, parents or grandparents of the bride or groom, or children of the bride or groom. In addition it shall be a person, parent or grandparent who is regular in worship and living out their membership vows and the other “expectations” of church membership for at least one year prior to the wedding. 

All weddings at Rockbrook are officiated by a member of our Pastoral Staff, and must be approved by the Pastor before they will be placed on the Church calendar.  The officiating Pastor will meet with the couple several times before the wedding.  A nonrefundable deposit of $100 must be paid at the first of these meetings.

Teresa,  the Office Manager, will help coordinate the wedding and church use.  You can contact her at 402-393-1015.  Once the date is agreed upon and deposit has been received the date will be put on the Church calendar, and wll remain firm unless changed by the couple in consultation with the pastor.   

No weddings will be scheduled after 6:00 p.m. You can gain access to the church up to 3 hours prior to the scheduled wedding time. For example, if the wedding is schedule to begin at 6 pm the earliest you can access the church for any deliveries is 3PM. The bridal party must not be in the building after 8:00 p.m.

Member Fee: $1,000.00  (minus deposit fee = $900.00 remaining)

Non-Member: $1,300.00  (minus deposit fee =  $1,200.00 remaining)

This fee includes use of: Sanctuary, Minister, Wedding Director,

Organist/Pianist, Sound Technician, & Custodial.

Dressing areas/rooms are provided for the

Bride, Bridal Party, Groom & groomsmen as well.  


We look forward to meeting & talking with you all! 

Thank you!